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The Associated Press reports that industry groups from Vermont to Michigan sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) complaining about companies that label foods as "maple" but don't actually contain any: "They say products such as Quaker Oats Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal and Hood maple walnut ice cream are misbranded in violation of FDA regulations because maple syrup is not listed on their labels. Quaker Oats said it did not have a comment, and a Hood spokeswoman said she was seeking more information but could not confirm if the ice cream’s flavor was derived from real maple syrup."

According to the story, "Roger Brown, chairman of the Maple Industry Committee of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, said maple syrup — derived from heating sap from maple trees — is a premium product and sweetener and for that reason a number of companies imply that a product contains maple without the ingredient being present. He said the association has asked the FDA to investigate so that consumers get what they’re looking for, and maple producers get compensated for their hard work."

The FDA says it is reviewing the complaints.
KC's View:
This is just as bad as when we find out that some parmesan cheese manufacturers have been adding cellulose, a food additive made from wood, as a filler. I am thoroughly disgusted when products said to be made from "maple and brown sugar" don't have any real maple, or when products with the word "blueberry" in their names don't have any actual blueberries. And so forth. It is just a lie ... and I think that the national mood is working against such companies and such products.