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Bloomberg reports that a lawsuit against Walmart accuses the company "of defrauding customers by selling Parmesan cheese touted as pure that contained wood pulp as filler."

According to the story, "The world’s largest retailer stocked its New York stores’ shelves with containers labeled “100% Grated Parmesan Cheese,” but tests showed Wal-Mart’s Great Value-brand cheese contained as much as 10 percent of cellulose, a wood-based anti-clumping agent, according to a complaint Tuesday in Manhattan federal court."

The suit has been filed by a customer whose lawyers are seeking class action status "which would allow shoppers across the country to band together against Wal-Mart" on this issue.
KC's View:
Customers are ticked off about being lied to by the companies they thought they could trust. Expect more lawsuits, and plenty more righteous anger.

However, I would expect Walmart to fight this by arguing that it should not have class action status, that each person who has been buying and eating parmesan laced with wood pulp needs to file his or her own lawsuit.