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MediaPost has a story saying that "wearable Internet-connected devices are shipping by the millions," and that "the wearables market grew 127% in the last quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago."

According to the story, "The clear leader in the field is Fitbit, which shipped 8 million units in the last quarter, almost a third (30%) of all wearables, including smartwatches. It shipped 21 million for the entire year. Apple’s smartwatch follows Fitbit, but with much less, at 4 million watches shipped or 15% of all wearables."
KC's View:
Here's what I want ... Amazon's Echo, reduced to the size of a small lapel pin, available to take orders and make my life easier no matter where I happen to be. That'd be the ultimate in wearable technology as far as I'm concerned ... and I have to believe that this is something that Amazon has on the drawing board.