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The Chicago Tribune reports that Kraft Heinz is being sued in federal courts in Illinois, New York, Missouri, and California "for using cellulose, a filler made from wood chips, in its '100% Grated Parmesan Cheese' product."

According to the story, "Kraft Heinz spokesman Michael Mullen couldn't be reached immediately Monday for comment on the lawsuits. In a previous comment to the Tribune, Mullen said cellulose was FDA-approved and that the Kraft Heinz cheese was still within the levels of cellulose considered acceptable."

Walmart also has been sued over its sale of adulterated parmesan cheese.
KC's View:
Memo to anyone in the industry who wants to say out loud that there are "acceptable levels" of wood pulp in parmesan cheese.

Shut the hell up.

You're not doing anything to reinforce the industry's commitment to safety and transparency with shoppers. All you are doing is suggesting - intentionally or not - that if there is a loophole that will allow you to cut costs, you're going to exploit it as much as possible.

If I buy cheese, I want cheese. Not as much wood pulp as the manufacturer can cram into the container to save some money.

I have no idea how these lawsuits will play out. But I do think that manufacturers and retailers have to rethink some of the ways in which they do business in the modern and transparent economy.