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When Kroger announced its fourth quarter numbers yesterday - revenue of $26.2 billion, up from $25.2 billion during the same period a year earlier, operating profit if $928 million, up from $912 million, net income of $559 million, up from $518 million, and same-store sales that were up 3.7 percent - the company also spoke encouragingly about its acquisition of Roundy's.

The Cincinnati Business Courier writes that "CEO Rodney McMullen said Roundy’s is positioned for a lot of the improvements that Cincinnati-based Kroger, the nation’s largest operator of traditional supermarkets, made in recent years."

"When you look at Wisconsin, it really reminds me of where Kroger was several years ago,” McMullen said. "It’s really embarking on the same journey that we have been over the last several years." And he said that the Mariano's banner "is incredibly strong and it’s really supporting the brand that has been built and continuing to build on that."

McMullen said that Kroger should be able to bring Kroger's purchasing power to the various Roundy's banners, plus its data analytics, which will combine to strengthen the division.
KC's View:
Kroger continues to impress as it grows its footprint and expands its ambitions. As important ads the Roundy's and Mariano's acquisition is, I'm as interested in things like its Main & Vine experiment in Washington, which includes an "endless aisle" feature that integrates online shopping, and the possibility that it could acquire Fresh Market. It all adds up to a compelling retail mosaic.