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by Kevin Coupe

The series finale of "Downton Abbey" aired on Sunday, accompanied by enormous amounts of publicity and, I suspect, extremely high ratings. And on Monday, as one might expect, there was tons of press coverage, including a seemingly endless series of interviews with creator and writer Julian Fellowes, in which he discussed the things that made the series so successful and if there might be a "Downton Abbey" movie somewhere down the road.

I'll weigh in on the series and the finale on Friday in OffBeat, but I did want to take note of a Variety interview in which Fellowes talked about the show's themes, and made a point about the how the series' Crawley family survived the early 20th century that I thought also was applicable to how businesses can survive the 21st century:

"There’s a moment when Cora says something like, 'We’ll be fine if we’re flexible.' Those families that approached the changing world with imagination and willingness to do things differently often got through and are still living in their houses and their estates having a lovely time. But the ones who dug in and wouldn’t shift or change a thing all went down, I think."

That seems like a pretty good prescription for success in 2016. And beyond. And an Eye-Opener.
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