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The Wall Street Journal reports that "after years of management, menu and marketing changes, Burger King has finally figured out what it wants to be: a fast-food chain. Following unsuccessful efforts to appeal to a broader, more health-conscious customer base with salads, snack wraps, smoothies and low-calorie french fries, the unit of Restaurant Brands International Inc. has returned to its roots as a purveyor of inexpensive burgers, fries and, now, hot dogs."

The company says that its efforts to simplify its menu and get back to basics has improved the company's prospects to the point where it is considering expansion - there has been virtually no new Burger Kings in the US for the past few years, but now the company thinks it can add "thousands" over the next five years.

Getting back to the company's original identity has meant that "restaurants bear signs saying 'grilled since 1954,' wooden tabletops are branded with the Burger King logo, and the company is promoting its flame-grilled hot dogs as tasting like they’re from a backyard barbecue."
KC's View:
Of course, based on my limited experience with Burger King, I'd suggest that its burgers taste like they've been cooking since 1954. But I'm a fast food snob/cynic.