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The Boston Globe reports that a Chipotle in Billerica, Massachusetts, has been temporarily closed by the company following the diagnosis of four employees with norovirus.

According to the story, "All employees who feel sick will be tested and not allowed to return to work until they recover. The restaurant will be fully sanitized before it reopens."

The story goes on to say that "a Chipotle in Brighton’s Cleveland Circle was at the center of a recent norovirus outbreak in December. About 140 people, largely made up of Boston College students, fell ill with symptoms of norovirus after eating there. A follow-up inspection found three critical health violations at the restaurant."
KC's View:
This appears to be part of Chipotle's Defcon-three approach to food safety, always on alert and ready to react to even the smallest incident. A few months ago, this probably wouldn't even have been noticed... but in a transparent, highly sensitized food safety environment, this is what food companies have to do.

To coin a phrase, the price of staying healthy seems to be eternal vigilance.