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• The Columbus Dispatch reports on the development of "a collaborative $10 million state, federal and private program" that is designed to "provide loans and grants to grocery stores to encourage them to locate or remain in under-served areas of the state" ... The program will make loans and grants available to large and small grocers as incentives for them to build stores in low- and moderate-income areas, or to renovate and remain in those neighborhoods. Funding will be available for land acquisition, construction, equipment, infrastructure and related expenses, officials said in a statement.

"The money will come from a public-private partnership: $2 million from the state, $2 million from the federal government and at least $6 million from the private sector. About five to 10 projects could be funded initially."

• The Bellingham Herald reports that "the union that represents Haggen employees says that government regulators have given approval to a potential deal where Albertsons would purchase the remaining core Haggen stores ... In a written statement, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Local 367 said the Federal Trade Commission has approved a potential acquisition of the core stores and that both Albertsons and Haggen are finalizing the purchase agreement."

Haggen has not commented on the report.
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