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USA Today reports that Dos Equis has decided to retire its "Most Interesting Man in the World" advertising campaign, which has, over the past nine years, helped enable the brand to almost triple its business.

The character - who says, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis" - always has been shown as living a rich, diverse and fascinating life, and described with phrases such as "sharks have a week dedicated to him" and "Presidents take his birthday off." He has been played by Jonathan Goldsmith, who has had some contractual issues with the ad agency ... which may partially explain why, once the character has been retired, he will be replaced by a younger, equally interesting character, though details about the new campaign have not yet been revealed.

According to the story, "Dos Equis knows that change can be divisive, which is why the brand along with the creative agency behind the ads, Havas, have spent the last year and a half thinking about the campaign's next move ... But first, Dos Equis will ride Goldsmith's departure for the next several months. The brand has plans for a social media campaign leading up to Cinco de Mayo using the hashtag #adiosamigo and will distribute life-size cardboard cutouts of Goldsmith to grocery stores and bars for fans to pose with. The brand will also give customers the chance to win some of the Most Interesting Man's possessions, like his mariachi suit, plus a grand prize trip to Mexico. Then, it will be time to move on."
KC's View:
These guys don't need any advice from me, but if I were running this campaign, I'd make sure what when the Most Interesting Man in the World heads off into the sunset, his phone number is on speed dial. The new campaign could work, but it might not ... in which case they'll be able to get a lot more publicity by bringing him back. (I think Priceline tried to retire William Shatner's spokesman character a few years ago, but had to bring him back just because of popular demand. It happens when a persona seems interconnected to the brand.)

I'm not nuts about the new (final?) ad in the campaign showing the Most Interest Man taking a one-way flight to Mars; it seems forced, as if they can't wait to get him off the stage. On the other hand, if the new campaign doesn't work, they can do a series of ads in which he is rescued from Mars, like in The Martian.

That'd be okay, though. If I recall correctly, the Most Interesting Man in the World is forever young ... after all, didn't he find the Fountain of Youth, but not drink from it, because what's the point?

I suspect we'll see him again.