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• The Puget Sound Business Journal has a piece about former Starbucks COO Troy Alstead, who announced just the other day that he had resigned from the company - where he'd spent 23 years - after taking a one-year sabbatical.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Alstead says he did not decide to leave Starbucks because a) he had serious health problems, or b) there were concerns about the company's financial performance on his watch. In fact, he says, all was just as it seemed - he took what the company calls a "coffee break" in order to spend time with his family, especially a son in his senior year of high school before going off the college.

Now, he says, "he will be starting a small business and establishing a nonprofit organization, both of which will be deeply rooted in sustainability. He is passionate about the planet, he said, particularly the ocean."
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