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The Wall Street Journal reports that PepsiCo-owned Gatorade "is developing a microchip-fitted 'smart cap' bottle and sweat patch that communicate digitally and provide athletes and fitness buffs constant updates on how much they should drink ... Gatorade’s big push is in response to the explosive growth of wearable digital gadgets like Fitbit for consumers obsessively eager to monitor their footsteps and heart beats."

The company also "is trying to tempt consumers to use its products around the clock - not just around the track or on the basketball court." It is "stepping up its product offerings for before and after games and workouts with more protein chews, bars, powders, shakes and even a 'night yogurt' to help those who work out rebuild muscles while sleeping."
KC's View:
The desire to know everything one can about how many stairs and miles one has traveled in a given day and how hydrated one is or isn't is all tied into the same compulsion to know everything one can about what is in the foods we eat. Which is why total transparency is going to be required of the businesses that want to be relevant to shoppers.