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by Kevin Coupe

A couple of tech startups in the news this week that grabbed my attention, targeted as they are two important human needs...

Geek Wire has a story about two Amazon employees,
Becca Goldman and Mahvish Gazipura, who have "launched DateADev, a new consultation company that aims to advise tech workers who have struggled to find a romantic relationship ... The idea is help men and women in the tech industry optimize their online profiles on apps like Tinder and OKCupid to 'highlight their best self' via photos and profile descriptions. Clients can pay $99 for a 1-hour consultation meeting during which DateADev will review their online 'brands' and suggest improvements.

"Beyond the 1-hour consultations, DateADev also offers monthly memberships that range from $259 to $759 and provide 24/7 access to dating coaches."

The story notes that the two business partners don't consider themselves to be dating experts, but rather describe themselves as "just two regular girls that have experience helping a lot of friends and think we can give brutally honest advice that will help people." Goldman, for example, says she’s "gone on more than 500 dates in the past three years."

• Meanwhile ... USA Today reports on Nom, a new application created by one of the founders of YouTube, designed to allow "professional and amateur chefs to share their recipes with the online community ... The company’s founders say the idea to start Nom came from long lunches and heated food debates at the Google Ventures dining hall, where some of the company’s top chefs try out new recipes. While cooking shows and cooking videos have a long history on television and online, the idea of being able to watch such a show live struck the pair as worth pursuing."

Chen has some money to play with in launching the new venture - he sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion in 2006.

Technology may be what is enabling these two startups, but they are addressing two human issues - hungry hearts and hungry stomachs - that have been around forever. Considering their pedigrees, it'll be interesting to see how they evolve.

They have the potential to be Eye-Openers.
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