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The San Diego Union-Tribune has a story about how, despite the two high-profile crashes of both Fresh & Easy and Haggen in Southern California, "new grocers are popping up all over San Diego to take their places — and more are on the way. Ten grocery stores have opened since the start of the year, filing in the former locations of Fresh & Easy and Haggen. Up to 20 stores are scheduled to open by the winter."

Among them are value-driven retailers such as Smart & Final, Food 4 Less, Grocery Outlet, Aldi and WinCo - all of which, the story suggests, are primed to put pressure on mainstream, middle-of-the-road retailers that may find themselves undercut on price.
KC's View:
It isn't just value retailers that are expanding in Southern California, but it probably is fair to say that there will be some fallout down the road. I do think this - that retailers in the middle-of-the-road will end up being roadkill.