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City AM reports that Tesco has launched an 80-item line of what is described as entry level private label products designed to challenge discounters Aldi and Lidl on price.

The story says that Tesco "will sell around 80 fresh, meat and poultry products under seven new 'Farms' brands which, in many cases, will either match or be cheaper than its rivals."

In a prepared statement, Tesco said that "over the last 18 months we have been simplifying our ranges, launched Brand Guarantee and improved customer service. However, we know customers want the convenience of getting all their shopping in one place. These seven new brands, which are exclusive to Tesco, address our customers’ needs for quality fresh food, at very competitive prices in a single shop.”
KC's View:
Tesco seems to be making small but significant moves to get some of its mojo back. Value-oriented products that challenge the discounters' approach is an important step ... the most important thing is to have products and services that a) nobody else has, and b) customers want.