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Campbell Soup yesterday said that it plans "to complete a transition to cans which do not use Bisphenol A (BPA) linings by the middle of 2017. The company began using cans with linings made from acrylic or polyester materials in March 2016 and will continue to introduce the new linings across its U.S. and Canadian portfolio through 2017."

BPA is seen as a toxic substance that can contribute to human hormonal issues, cancer, infertility, diabetes and assorted other maladies.

Campbell Soup began preparing for the transition in 2012, and the company says it has tested a number of alternatives before identifying the best options.

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Business Journal reports that Kroger "is among a batch of retailers and food companies being targeted in a new report about the presence of toxic chemicals in food can linings. Six nonprofit groups, including Washington, D.C.-based Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and the Breast Cancer Fund, are launching an online campaign" designed to pressure Kroger "to phase out the use of toxic Bisphenol A, typically referred to as BPA, in its can linings."
KC's View:
Kudos to CEO Denise Morrison and all the folks at Campbell Soup, who seem to be taking every opportunity to do the right thing, whether it has to do with eliminating BPA or labeling GMOs. It is called leadership.