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Bloomberg reports that in the year since Amazon rolled out its Amazon Home Services business, which does "everything from mounting flat TVs on walls to assembling treadmills," as well as "painting, plumbing and yoga instruction," the company has expanded so that it now sells "more than 1 million items that give shoppers the option of requesting assembly, installation or other related services."

In turn, this expanded list has boosted the sale of relevant items, the company says.

The Bloomberg story says that "Amazon now offers more than 1,200 services ... It’s part of a push by Amazon to expand beyond products, and also a way to make it easier for consumers to buy big items that require an extra pair of hands to set up."
KC's View:
Not just a source of product, but a resource for the customer ... and creating an ecosystem designed to make Amazon the first, best choice for pretty much everything and anything. Sounds like to a great degree, it's working.

The question then becomes how other companies are going to compete. Because compete they must. Or risk irrelevance.