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• The Seattle Times reports that Sprint is offering its customers the ability "to enroll in Amazon Prime on a month-to-month basis through an add-on charge to their cellphone bill. Normally, one has to pay $99 a year for Prime, which offers two-day shipping, a streaming video service, online photo storage and other perks. But Sprint users can pay $10.99 a month, sans tax, which is more expensive in the long run but provides some flexibility."

It is said to be the first time Amazon has offered Prime on the month-to-month basis.
KC's View:
Amazon has been very public about the fact that its Prime customers are its most frequent and profitable shoppers, and so baiting a different hook to get more of them into the fold makes perfect sense. These people just become part of an ever-expanding group that is being given multiple reasons never to have to go to the store.

Sensing a trend here? I'm trying to draw you a map that actually cuts across a number of our stories today...