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TechCrunch reports on a new Domino's mobile application "that lets you place an order simply by launching the app on your phone. No clicking necessary."

According to the story, "The app, like the other Domino’s initiatives, requires consumers to first create an account on and then create what the company calls a 'Pizza Profile.' This profile includes your favorite pizza order (e.g. a large pepperoni), along with other important information like your phone number, delivery address, and credit card details." It is this information that is used - if the consumer so desires - whenever the shoppers orders a pizza, regardless of the platform used.

The story points out that "to stave off accidental clicks, there’s a 10-second countdown that first displays. However, if you don’t push the button to stop the timer, your order is placed with your local delivery chain. A screen then appears with your order confirmation."
KC's View:
Sounds a lot like having a facsimile of an Amazon Dash button, just for pizza. Which is making me hungry just thinking about it.