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Publishers Daily reports that the Meredith Parents Network is partnering with "What's Up Moms," a YouTube channel about parenting, "to create and distribute lifestyle content to their millennial mom audiences."

The goal is to create "a new original digital video series covering modern parenting topics in a humorous way; the series will go live on, which reaches an audience of over 8 million ... 'What’s Up Moms' has more than 1 million subscribers and over 35 million views per month, thanks to its quirky how-to and short form comedic videos targeting young parents."
KC's View:
I thought this was interesting because it reflects a reality and opportunity - millennial parents are going to want and need 1) information about how to be more effective parents within the context of their lives and priorities, and 2) different delivery systems for that information that are relevant and appropriate to their lives. Believing that just because a millennial becomes a parent means that they will revert to their parents' lifestyles is, I think, a foolish approach to business.