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Nielsen is out with a new global study saying that "many local companies are thriving, despite being suddenly faced with daunting foreign rivals that have an array of advantages, including vast financial resources, diverse talent pools and sophisticated technology infrastructures, supply chains and operating practices. By leaning on their flexibility and agility, as well as their often superior grasp of the domestic operating environment, local companies are leveraging their unique advantages to resonate with consumers."

The study goes on to say that "many consumers appear to have strong preferences about the origin of the products they buy, but how important is this attribute really when they consider a purchase? How does it stack up against other selection factors?

"The short answer: It matters—a lot.

"More than four in 10 global respondents (46% on average) say brand origin is as important as nine other purchasing drivers, including selection/choice, price, function and quality. And more than one-quarter (28% on average) say brand origin is more important than other selection factors."
KC's View:
Interesting, since this study suggests that "made in France" and "made in Australia" and "made in Italy" are claims as important in those countries as "made in America" is to some customers here.