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by Kevin Coupe

CNet has a story reporting that Amazon has come up with yet another iteration of the "Dash" buttons that it introduced last year, which were designed to be placed in convenient places - a Tide button by the washing machine, a Pampers button by the changing table - and allow people to easily reorder commonly used items.

"Amazon wants its Dash Buttons to do more -- specifically, its newest Dash Button, the AWS IoT Button. The AWS bit stands for Amazon's Web Services, while IoT is an acronym for the so-called 'Internet of Things,' the ever-growing landscape of cloud-connected devices and services. Put that all together, and you're looking at an Internet of Things that's powered by Amazon's cloud, with a repurposed Dash Button as the sole interface ... The Wi-Fi connected AWS IoT Button is fully programmable and able to trigger all sorts of things with a single press or combination of presses. Amazon pitches it as a potential control point for smart home lighting. Or a way for your AirBNB guests to check in and check out. Or a quick way to call a cab. Or a way to track medicine usage."

It is designed to be a "Do Anything" button, the story says.

While this story happens to be about Amazon, I think it is important to think about this in a broader sense - that a lot of companies will be looking for ways to bringing all sorts of functionality together, creating the ability to control our lives from a single point ... no matter where that point happens to be. (We'll be able to control our homes and offices remotely as we're traveling in cars that drive themselves.)

Companies have to be aware if this trend, creating infrastructures that will not just allow for this trend, but embrace it. Shopping inevitably will change, and the places where people will shop have to as well.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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