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Alan Young, the affable actor best known to a generation of television viewers as Wilbur Post, who owned a talking horse named Mr. Ed in a situation comedy of the same name than ran during the early 1960s, has passed away. He was 96, and passed away of natural causes at the Motion Picture & Television Home, a retirement community.
KC's View:
I was curious over the weekend, so I asked Mrs. Content Guy if she remembered the "Mr. Ed" theme song ... and without hesitation, she sang it, getting it word-for-word right. Which says something, I think, about how a silly idea can reside in memory for a long, long time if somehow the ingredients are right and the concept resonates.

You can watch the very first episode of "Mr. Ed" here ... and I have to admit that I actually laughed at it. There's just something so innocent and sweet about it ... maybe it was just because we live in a world where very little seems innocent and sweet.