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Re/code reports that Amazon founder/CEO Jef Bezos said at a technology conference last week that "Amazon was committing to 'intelligent' voice assistant devices in a big way," and has more than 1,000 people working on what he called the "Alexa and Echo ecosystem."

What exists today, Bezos said, is "just the tip of the iceberg."

"By flicking at the broader 'ecosystem' of apps and services that Amazon wants to support through its Echo, Bezos is making explicit what the next stage of the competition for Echo will look like," Re/code writes. "The race is on for these companies to not only build functional devices, but to add the cross-device apps and services that will differentiate them to customers."

The story goes on to note that "Google introduced its own Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home, at I/O last month, in addition to its own voice-powered software ecosystem. And in a week and a half, Apple is reportedly going to announce that it's opening up Siri to outside developers (the company is also said to be working on its own Echo-like device)."
KC's View:
And so, a new battle is joined, on a new battlefield. I'm fascinated ... and so is Kate McMahon, who will be reporting on her own Echo experiences in her column on Wednesday.