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Reuters reports that a new study by the University of California at Berkeley Center for Labor Research saying that Walmart "would have to spend an additional $4.95 billion if it were to raise the minimum wage for its hourly employees in the United States to $15 per hour from the current $10 per hour."

The story says that "Wal-Mart employs nearly 1.5 million people in the United States. Of that, 1.1 million are hourly employees, according to the study. The study estimated that 979,000 employees would get an increase if Wal-Mart went to $15 per hour. The world's largest retailer raised wages for its hourly workers to $10 per hour earlier this year, but labor groups have called the raise inadequate."

Walmart did not comment on the study, but Reuters does note that the retailer has pledged to invest "$2.7 billion over two years in training, education and higher wages."
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