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• The Seattle Times reports that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking to fine Amazon $350,000 "for what they say was an improper packaging job for a gallon-size container of corrosive drain cleaner." The FAA says that "some of the 'Amazing! LIQUID FIRE' drain cleaner Amazon shipped through UPS from Louisville, Ky., to Boulder, Colo., wound up leaking, giving nine UPS workers a 'burning sensation.'

"The FAA says the box wasn’t packaged correctly, didn’t have a shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods nor any other indication that it carried something potentially hazardous. The agency also says the tech and retail giant didn’t include emergency-response information with the package nor appropriately train the employees who handled it."

According to the Times, "The accusation underscores the logistical and regulatory complexities Amazon faces in its role as the world’s one-stop shop for everything from horse-head masks to advanced laboratory equipment."

The FAA says that Amazon has a history of flaunting hazardous-materials regulations; Amazon says that it takes such shipping issues seriously, has developed "sophisticated technologies to detect potential shipping hazards." and will continue to work with the FAA to improve his processes.
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