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Very different reactions to Kate McMahon's column yesterday about "Cory James Connell. Mercedez Marisol Flores. Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo.

"They were just three young people who worked hard all week in their retail jobs and went to a dance club on a Saturday night to have fun.

"Tragically, they chose the Pulse nightclub in Orlando the same night gunman Omar Mateen opened fire with a military assault rifle and a Glock pistol, killing 49 people in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. It was declared a hate crime and an act of terrorism."

Kate's column looked at these young people's lives, and expressed appreciation for their employers, who she felt stepped up in appropriate ways after the massacre.

MNB reader Jesse Sowell wrote:

Kate's Take today clobbered me emotionally (not an easy thing to do.) I have a lot of opinions about the Pulse murders, and have expressed them widely and passionately over the last few days. But all I have to say today is "thank you" for reminding us all of the impact this tragedy has had on individuals and communities.

MNB reader Christine Neary wrote:

Thank you so much, Kate, for this beautiful, touching piece.

And MNB user Dave Ahrens wrote:

Nice article. It’s been tough here in Orlando – especially waking up last Sunday morning to the constant news reports, each one more devastating than the last.

It is somewhat comforting to know that the rest of the US is experiencing this with us. Each of the 49 young people have typical stories. I drove by a hair salon last night that had  a large memorial out front – the two owners/managers both lost their lives that evening. The young man that we often dropped our UPS packages off to was also killed. All of the out pouring of love locally and nationwide helps some - but the uneasy fear and the anger still lingers.

Hopefully our leaders can come up with some “common sense” legislation that may help make it less easy for a crazed radical to commit something like this again.

My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the lost and the survivors.

Not everyone, however, loved the column.

One MNB user wrote:

Why do people have to make this tragedy about the guns and that the club was a gay night club.  The Muslim Extremist was looking to kill Americans. He cased Disney World but choose a soft target.  He could have chosen to use jet plane, box cutter, pressure cooker, a knife, a Car, a bomb, fire, poison instead of firearms.  Evil will use any means to hurt innocent and good people. Unfortunately, this monster was an ISIS sympathizer a Muslim Extremist that hated America Values and western culture.  The FBI could have stopped the criminal. The gun shop owner called the FBI twice and they did nothing. The monster was interviewed twice by the FBI  but they did nothing. This administration is more worried about political points and correctness rather than actually protecting Americans.  Gun Crimes are mainly committed by those who have them illegally. We don’t blame cars when a drunk driver kills someone with it. The gun laws work  but the government needs to enforce them. The government demonstrates on many levels their inability to follow the law and properly govern. Fast and Furious is a perfect example of government in action where the Administration sold gun to Mexican Drug Cartels which ended up killing a border agent.   The Government will sell firearms to foreign countries that are in some case a national security threat but restrict selling them to Americans that have a right to own them. God Help  Our Country.  God Bless the people, families and friends of those who lost their lives in Orlando.

And from another reader:

Most of Kate's post was a very good piece about honoring the victims, and noting how some food retailers have gone out of their way in their contributions.  Well done!

A few of red flags...

No mention was made about the killer's allegiance to Islamic terrorism, however, Kate reported that guns were used, but stated incorrectly that the rifle was a military assault rifle, which typically means it was fully automatic, BUT his rifle was a semi automatic, as was his Glock. 

Although I'm assuming she felt she was just reporting the facts, it's clear to many of us that she's faithfully restating the president's talking points to deflect the cause away from Islamic inspired terrorism, and blame it primarily on guns and poor gun laws.

If one of the people in the club was legally armed and well trained with a concealed pistol, and if they had enough courage and skill, perhaps less carnage would have resulted.

And from another reader:

1.   It was NOT a military assault rifle.

2.   They were NOT killed BY the rifle AND the mad man, JUST by the Mad Man.

Do you have an agenda?  Or are you just one of the sheeple that go along with the MSM no matter the lies?

I usually enjoy your writings, and your main point was great, AND valid, but for me, these 2 points spoiled it.

And from another:

Great article except for your last line mentioning assault weapons. You do realize that there is nothing called an assault weapon except for actual army assault rifle. If I use your definition, I have an assault knife, and assault pencil, an assault baseball bat and an assault fist. These poor people were killed by a terrorist who’s weapon of choice was a gun. You need to read up on guns and other weapons as all you do is regurgitate that same crap the press whips up the uneducated crowds with, lingo and a false narrative.

I am going to go out of my way not to turn this into a long conversation about guns. Not that I don't have strong opinions, and not that I'm unwilling to express them. It is just that this could be all-consuming, and I want to make sure that doesn't happen. After all, I have to have room to shill for Amazon...

But I do want to make one point, which is that I don't think it is entirely fair to suggest that people who may disagree with you on the gun issue are simply and mindlessly parroting President Obama and the mainstream media and have not given the matter any thought. Any more than it would be fair for people who disagree with you to suggest that you are simply and mindlessly parroting the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Maybe, just maybe, if people actually gave people who disagree with them some credit for thinking and understood why they feel the way they do, we could actually find some way to compromise around this issue that would create dialogue rather than vitriol.

Just a thought.
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