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The Harris Poll is out with a new survey saying that 78 percent of poll respondents say that "eating dinner at home entails cooking from scratch," followed by "heating up something from the fridge or freezer" (45%), and "cooking using shortcuts such as precut veggies or pre-marinated chicken breasts" (37%).

In addition, the poll says, "picking up restaurant carryout on the way home" is defined as eating-at-home by 23% of respondents, just as 22% say that they define it as "picking up pre-prepared items at the grocery store on the way home."

The survey goes on to say that "whether they like it or not, nearly all Americans cook (97%) and a vast majority cook at least once a week (84%), while about 3 in 10 (31%) cook every day. Those most likely to cook everyday tend to be women (37% vs. 24% men), married (35% vs. 28% unmarried), adults with children in the household (37% vs. 28% without kids in the house), and those who enjoy it (43% vs. 16% who don't enjoy cooking)."
KC's View:
In other words, eating at home and cooking at home mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The key is to find your customers' various sweet spots, and then work them hard. Just doing the same old thing you've always done and hoping for success is almost a sure way to fail.