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The Chicago Tribune reports that Capital One plans to expand its coffee shop-financial services hybrid concept to two more Chicago neighborhoods, adding to a fleet that currently includes five cafes in Boston and one each in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and St. Cloud, Minnesota. The bank also plans to further expand the concept, with as many as six locations in South Florida by the end of next year.

The story points out that "consumers need not be Capital One customers to visit the cafes," and that the facilities serve primarily as coffee shops - serving Peet's coffee and goods from local bakeries - unless the customer requests banking information. They also include community meeting rooms and ATMs.
KC's View:
This is, as it happens, a concept that Michael Sansolo wrote about in a column a couple of years ago, which you can read here.

He wrote then, and I agree, that "the reason this experiment should catch everyone’s attention is the potential competitor that could result. Cap One alone has more than 900 branches, yet other banks will no doubt be watching. Plus, if the marriage of coffee and commerce is really working we can only imagine how Starbuck’s will respond ... In other words, we could be seeing the genesis of a new competitor for share of stomach, which is certainly nothing the traditional food retailing world desperately needed. But that’s what makes for innovation: companies filling a need or creating a solution where no one thought one was needed."