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The New York Times this morning has a story about the extent to which Chipotle is working to improve its food safety processes and bolster its public image, highlighting new procedures such as requiring all store employees to wash their hands every 30 minutes.

"There isn’t much sexy about food safety, and that goes for regular reminders to scrub hands," the Times writes. "But for the last year, Chipotle has been forced to focus on little else, after a string of illnesses among diners at the Mexican restaurant chain grew into nationwide alarm. The concern has battered the company’s sales, reputation and stock price."

The company is focusing on a number of new initiatives, "including work it is doing to enhance food safety among its suppliers, hoping that pointing to the moves will help regain the public’s confidence — and profits." Coordinating all these efforts is Dr. James Marsden, Chipotle's new executive director of food safety (and, as it happens, the father of the James Marsden who was in the X-Men film series and has a leading role in the new "Westworld" series on HBO), described as "a longtime academic whom Chipotle hired in the spring. In one of his first extended interviews since arriving at the company, he said his challenge had been clear: to allow Chipotle to continue using fresh ingredients - not frozen or precooked - while making its farm suppliers, food and restaurants safer."

It is an interesting story, and you can read it in its entirety here.
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