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Forbes reports that Sears chairman/CEO Eddie Lampert is pushing back against speculation that the company's Kmart chain could be shut down because of persistently declining sales and profits.

“I can tell you that there are no plans and there have never been any plans to close the Kmart format. In fact, we’ve been working hard to make Kmart a more fun, engaging place to shop, powered by our integrated retail innovations and Shop Your Way,” Lampert said to Forbes in an email. “To report or suggest otherwise is irresponsible and is likely intended to do harm to our company to the benefit of those who seek to gain advantage from posting these inaccurate reports.”

Lampert went on: "“First, Kmart continues to operate over 700 stores. Second, a significant number of these stores are profitable and have been profitable for many years. Third, we have been clear that we are intent on improving the performance of our unprofitable stores and, if we cannot, we will close them. Actions to improve our store productivity, including reducing inventory stored in the stockrooms, are designed to make our stores easier to operate and to eliminate unproductive inventory and processes. Decisions to close stores are never easy, but we recognize that the way people are shopping is changing significantly."
KC's View:
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Fast Eddie has a long-term strategic plan that is beyond my ability to comprehend.

But ... I don't think so.