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Business Insider reports that Target, as part of its broader focus on food retailing, soon will embrace the practice of vertical farming, described as "an agricultural technique that involves growing plants indoors in precisely programmed conditions."

The story notes that "in January, Target launched the Food + Future CoLab, a collaboration with design firm Ideo and the MIT Media Lab, and they plan "to test the technology in a few Target stores to see how involved customers actually want to be with their food ... During the in-store trials, people could potentially harvest their own produce from the vertical farms, or just watch as staff members pick greens and veggies to stock on the shelves."

"Food is a big part of our current portfolio today at Target — it does $20 billion of business for us," says Casey Carl, Target’s chief strategy and innovation officer. “We need to be able to see more effectively around corners in terms of where is the overall food and agriculture industries going domestically and globally.”
KC's View:
I'm not sure that this solves all the problems that Target is having with food, but I think the idea of being transparent about sourcing and bringing people closer to the food supply is a smart one.