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Motley Fool reports that Amazon plans to build on the success of its intelligent, voice-assistant-enabled smart speaker system, Echo/Alexa, by "working on a premium version of its Echo device" that "will feature a touchscreen measuring about seven inches, which tilts upwards." The idea is to make the device even more useful and accessible in a variety of different ways.

The story says that "a premium version of Echo would add to a growing list of Amazon products sporting the company's voice assistant. Amazon's voice-controlled home devices include Echo, a portable Echo-like device called Tap, and a smaller version of Echo made for connecting to external speakers called Echo Dot. The same voice assistant included on these home devices has also recently debuted on Amazon's Fire tablets."

The development of such a product also would raise the bar for competitors such as Google and Apple, which have to varying degrees developed voice-assistant-enabled smart speaker systems that compete with the Echo/Alexa system.
KC's View:
Sign me up for one. Right now. I am totally on board with this technology, and can't wait to see the next iteration.

By the way, if you want to see where this all is headed for Amazon, just go watch any episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and see how the crew interacts with the computer. Amazon hasn't figured out the replicators yet, nor the transporters and the holodeck. But I'm guessing that there is a room just down the hall from where Amazon is working on drones where there are a bunch of tech geniuses trying to figure this stuff out.