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I mentioned in Friday's MNB that I was getting a colonoscopy/endoscopy, which prompted a lovely outpouring of emails. Some were just good wishes. Some were pretty funny jokes. Some were painful puns. And some shared stories of people's own experiences with the procedures and, in a couple of cases, details about how they may have saved their lives.

I was touched by all your notes. One of the reasons I mentioned the procedures - and have in the past - was because many people put off their own colonoscopies because of concerns about how unpleasant it will be.

I've said it before. The colonoscopy itself was no big deal. The prep was less than pleasant. But the best thing about it is when they say, "Everything looks good" afterwards.

While it never has happened to me (yet), the next best thing would have to be if they find something, but can deal with it.

If you're due, get one. The alternative may be considerably less pleasant in the long run.
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