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The Washington Post has a column this morning that I think is worth reading ... and that comes at an issue perhaps more artfully than I did last week. It starts out this way:

"Everything is political these days. Every single decision.

"Consider: Republicans boycotting 'Hamilton.' Democrats boycotting Yuengling. Five weeks after the end of a bitter presidential election, it hasn’t ended at all: It’s merely reached a new phase in which the things we buy are seen as surrogates for the people we voted for."

And it goes on: "Setting aside whether these boycotts are effective in terms of sales (a product that becomes the scourge of the right is bound to become the darling of the left), one wonders whether they are effective in terms of our national future. In this fractured, limping mess of a country, whose inhabitants are struggling to not punch one another’s lights out, much less to have a civil conversation — if we can’t even eat the same cereal, then where does that leave us?"

There are, the Post writes, "precious few things that all of us can agree on — the joy of a good sneaker, a good breakfast, a good movie — and instead of tending these cultural bridges, in the event that we one day decide to cross them and visit one another’s bubbles, we are burning them down."

As I said, I think this is worth reading ... and you can check it out here.
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