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Fast Company has an interview with Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg in which he explains how he has built an AI system to run his home. The system is named Jarvis, after the AI system used by Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies.

Jarvis, the story says, is "akin to a homemade, highly personal version of something like Amazon’s Alexa service, letting him and his wife Priscilla Chan use a custom iPhone app or a Facebook Messenger bot to turn lights on and off, play music based on personal tastes, open the front gate for friends, make toast, and even wake up their one-year-old daughter Max with Mandarin lessons."

The system isn;t foolproof (yet), but the story also points out that it is just "the latest of the personal-growth challenges he gives himself each year."

He actually gave himself two challenges in 2016 - the other being to run a total of 365 miles during the year. In the past, he's taught himself Mandarin, and read a book every two weeks. The AI challenge, the story says, "forced him to refresh his command of the company’s programming tools and processes. That in turn has reconnected him to the daily experience of the thousands of engineers he manages and the engineering culture that’s at the heart of one of the world’s most important technology companies."

Cool piece, and you can read it here.
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