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Time reports that Whirlpool announced yesterday that it will shortly begin shipping new appliances - such as ovens, refrigerators and washing machines - that are compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice activated computer system.

According to the story, "This means these appliances will be designed to respond to voice requests for tasks like pausing and starting a load of laundry, asking for the time remaining on a wash cycle, adjusting the cooking mode on a smart oven, and turning on maximum cool settings for refrigerators among other commands."

People who want to access their appliances via Alexa will have to have Amazon hardware - the Echo or Echo Dot, for example - to make the system work.

Time goes on: "Amazon’s competition in the smart home space will likely thicken as companies like Apple and Samsung continue to develop their own smart home ecosystems and virtual butlers. Samsung acquired Viv Labs last year, a company that makes an advanced voice assistant, and Apple expanded Siri’s capabilities to work with third party apps and services last fall."
KC's View:
Not to mention the fact that Amazon is working with Ford and BMW, among others, who install Alexa technology into cars.

It's going to be Alexa's world, and we'll just be living in it.