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The Miami Herald reports that a Walmart Supercenter in Orlando is getting a new feature - an organic restaurant called Grown.

According to the story, this is Grown's second Central Florida location: "The original 69-seat restaurant draws long lines and constant drive through traffic for being the first of its kind to offer certified organic, gluten-free and locally sourced cuisine in a quick service restaurant. It’s fast food for people who hate fast food."

Grown was founded by former NBA and Miami Heat star Ray Allen and his wife Shannon, who came up with the idea after they "struggled to find nutritious, quick food" for one of their sons, who had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

The Allens said that "opening inside a busy Walmart, full of families, was a natural fit," and noted that "Walmart is quietly the second-largest seller of organic groceries in the United States. The restaurant, opening in mid-February, will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m."

“Operating Grown inside of Walmart makes us accessible to every family, regardless of their mean income," Shannon Walker said. "This is a game changer.”
KC's View:
The question is, does Walmart think of this as a one-off? Or, if it plays well, does Walmart see this as a concept that could have legs and help it differentiate itself around the country.

I have no clue. But it isn't hard to imagine that if this works, Walmart tries it again. And again. And again.