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No, it isn't the Super Bowl, which will take place on Sunday. Though with any luck it will be a good game. (The New England Patriots are three point favorites over the Atlanta Falcons. I'm taking the Pats.)

In fact, for some of us, the best news out of Houston this week is the fact that In-N-Out, the iconic burger chain, reportedly is looking for locations there.

The Orange County Register reports that the expansion plans come almost six years after the chain first decided to expand into Texas, with a fleet there that now includes 32 restaurants in Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin. (It has a total of 321 locations.)

The company only will say that while it is true that it is considering the possibilities, it is premature to speculate.

But when it comes to In-N-Out coming to town, speculation is a favorite pastime of its fans.

The Register writes, "For years, In-N-Out has steadfastly remained a regional chain despite having a legion of coast-to-coast cravers begging for expansion outside its core Western market. When it opened its first two restaurants in Texas in May 2011, it was a major milestone for the brand. To ensure quality in Texas, In-N-Out built a second meat commissary in the state.

"Today, Texas is home to 32 In-N-Out restaurants with two more locations opening soon in Denton and San Antonio, according to its website. After expanding to Texas, In-N-Out created more growth buzz in 2015 when it entered a sixth state, Oregon."
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