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BGR News reports that United Parcel Service (UPS) is testing "a delivery drone concept that doesn’t so much do away with its iconic brown box trucks as augment them ... using a specially equipped UPS delivery truck which has a drone compartment built right into its roof. When the driver stops to deliver a package, the drone can be sent out to deliver one to a nearby location as well. UPS used the example of a rural delivery where sending a driver and truck down a long, winding road would be less efficient than sending the drone to deliver the package instead."

The drone then returns to the truck, where it automatically recharges for its next flight.

The UPS drone reportedly can carry packages of up to 10 pounds, double the reported weight limit for drones that Amazon has been testing.
KC's View:
To be sure, this drone program - like Amazon's, and everybody else's - still faces regulatory hurdles before it can be implemented beyond the testing phase. But the various developments in the drone delivery business, and what appears to be increased pliability on the part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), seem to point to the inevitability of delivery drones dotting the sky in the not-too-distant future.