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Forbes reports that Starbucks has decided to shutter the four Evolution Fresh retail stores that it has opened during the past five years, after Starbucks bought the company for $50 million with dreams of using "a process called cold-pressing" to make a major impact on the juice business.

The story notes that "Kevin Johnson isn't even CEO of Starbucks yet (officially) but the outfit he's inheriting from Howard Schultz is shedding brands and stores that aren't part of its coffee-centric mission ... When Starbucks removed its name from its logo in 2011, it was, Schultz said, so that future ventures wouldn't necessarily be tied to coffee. Ironically, Evolution Fresh carried no Starbucks branding or logos whatsoever. This was probably playing it safe. Now that the concept has tanked, it's easier to shut down without the Starbucks baggage."

The story notes that bottled Evolution Fresh juices will remain for sale in Starbucks stores.
KC's View:
So I guess this means we can stuff Evolution Fresh into the same closet of ideas that didn't work with Hear Music.

The story suggests that Kevin Johnson is going to remake the company to some degree. Well, I don't care what Howard Schultz says about letting go of the reins ... if Kevin Johnson's Starbucks begins to look unlike Howard Schultz's Starbucks, Schultz is going to grab those reins back faster than you can say "venti cappuccino."