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Stories from both sides of the political divide this weekend looked at the activists who are making political points to the business community and using the retail business to make political points. Both are worth reading...

The New York Times had a story about Shannon Coulter who founded an organization called Grab Your Wallet, which has focused on encouraging boycotts of companies that do business with President Donald Trump's companies or those controlled by his family members as a way of exercising political pressure on an administration with which she has profound political disagreements.

You can read that story here.

At the same time, the Washington Post had a piece about Mary Carson, a Virginia woman who is one of a number who have decided to take action against retailers - such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus - that have done things like drop Trump-related brands like Ivanka Trump's jewelry line.

"It’s a shame, she told a Nordstrom store manager, "you couldn’t keep your mouths shut about our president."

That story can be read here.
KC's View:
These folks are out there, both sides are well-intentioned, and they have the potential of having an impact on any business that deals with customers. Retailers are being in the position where they have to make decisions, some of those decisions are going to be seen as political (even if they are not), and then there may be hell to pay. To someone.