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The Des Moines Register reports that when Hy-Vee previewed a new 36,000 square foot, $10 million store in the downtown area for the media last week, it showed off a store with "concrete floors, exposed duct work in the ceiling; food stations serving sushi, Italian piada sandwiches and imported cheeses; a juice and smoothie counter; grocery aisles offering exotic olive oil, chips and Cheerios; and a stand to fill growlers and quart cans with craft beers on the spot," all designed to make the unit "stand apart from other Hy-Vees."

The preview also featured an "unannounced appearance from actor, producer and health and fitness devotee Mark Walhberg, who came to promote his Performance Inspired Nutrition brand of fitness supplements. Hy-Vee is the exclusive Midwestern region retailer for the product, which goes on sale March 1 in all stores."

The story says that "Hy-Vee is using this urban downtown store as a pilot that it hopes to replicate in other cities such as Lincoln, Omaha and Kansas City."
KC's View:
Well, that's pretty cool.

What Hy-Vee is doing in Des Moines is critical, and important for every retailer - find new opportunities, change the game, and challenge company orthodoxies whenever and wherever possible. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Des Moines, even if Mark Wahlberg won't be sampling the product in aisle seven.