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by Kevin Coupe

One of my favorite food retailers in the US is New Seasons. Always has been, even before I started spending my summers teaching in Portland, Oregon, the company's home base. I've always liked the company's approach to design, and the ways it has made healthier food accessible.

Plus, its fresh food tastes great, because it never has taken a lowest common denominator approach.

Which is why, a couple of weeks ago, I was interested to see New Seasons' newest store, on Mercer Island, just east of Seattle. It is part of the retailer's expansion strategy, which is taking it north to Washington State and south to Northern California. I found a store that is typical for New Seasons - merchandised with precision so that customers get hungry and inspired when they walk in the front door.

One of the things I liked best about the store - and illustrated in the pictures below - is the way New Seasons approaches graphics. They're big, bold and informative - delivering on something that I talk about a lot here, which is the need to be more than just a source of product, but also a resource for information.

Terrific store. And, by the way, vastly superior to the "365 by Whole Foods" store that is in Bellevue, which is just about five miles away. Which all by itself is an Eye-Opener.

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