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The Associated Press reports that Dunkin’ Brands Group has announced that it plans to remove all artificial colors from the products sold at its Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins stores by the end of next year.

The exception, the story says, "will be on brand-name ingredients it sources to use as toppings, ice cream mixes and decorations for its sweets. It also noted that Baskin-Robbins will take longer to find replacements for ice cream cake decorations."

The move follows similar announcements made by chains such as Subway, Panera and Taco Bell.
KC's View:
It is a reflection of where the market is moving that even companies like Dunkin' Donuts are making moves to appear more natural and even a tiny bit healthier. Probably makes sense, even if it won't affect my consumption habits much.

I don't eat a lot of doughnuts anymore, but I'm more impressed by places like Kane's Donuts in Boston, where they make the doughnuts primarily with local, and sometimes organic ingredients. And if I'm going to eat ice cream, I'm going with Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.