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by Kevin Coupe

Score one for the National Retail Federation (NRF) for taking a well-aimed shot at Washington politicians believing that a border adjustment tax is a good idea that will be beneficial to the American economy by putting America first.

Opponents argue that not only is it likely to raise prices on the enormous number of imported products sold in the US, but it also is likely to start a trade war. The NRF seems to be firmly in this camp, and so it decided to take to the US airwaves with a commercial designed to make its point.

However, the ad hardly is a boring recitation of public policy arguments. Rather, it is framed as an infomercial in the style one might see on the air for steak knives, the Bass-O-Matic, or nonstick cooking pans - complete with an Art Fern-style slick-talking pitchman making the facetious case for the border tax.

It's a really good, really Eye-Opening commercial ... and appropriately enough, one of the places it'll be seen this weekend is on "Saturday Night Live."


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