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CNN reports that Starbucks' original Roastery store in Seattle "has begun selling two new specialty drinks made from beans aged in whiskey barrels. Starbucks will be selling bags of those coffee beans as well."

The company said that "the beans are 'hand-rotated frequently' over a period of several weeks to make sure they all come into contact with the barrel and absorb the flavor of the whiskey. The roasting burns off the actual alcohol. But Starbucks says that the whiskey flavor and smell remains."

The story notes that Starbucks is not the first to this concept: "Jack Daniel's has a special Tennessee Whiskey Coffee that it launched last December. Brown-Forman, the owner of Jack Daniel's partnered with New Jersey-based World of Coffee on it." And, "Death Wish Coffee was selling Barrel Brand Coffee a few years ago -- coffee in four different varieties that are aged in whiskey, rye, rum and wine barrels." And, "a company in Colorado called Whiskey Barrel Coffee also sells coffee that, as its name implies, was aged in whiskey barrels."
KC's View:
The alcohol may have burned off in the roasting, but I'm guessing that I don't want to be drinking this stuff while writing MNB in the morning...

Does sound good, though. And an example of food innovation.