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by Kevin Coupe

This is a case where people quite literally will be able to put their money where their mouths are.

Travel & Leisure reports on how the Scottish beer company BrewDog plans to open the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel" in Columbus, Ohio, which will be attached to the brewery it is building there.

The story says that among the amenities that will be offered in the BrewDog hotel are "a tap in every room featuring Punk IPA, the brand’s flagship brew" ... "a beer-stocked mini-bar in every shower, so you never have to go a second without a beer in hand" ... "access to limited-edition brews from the brewery next door" ... "a spa that uses beer in its products and treatments, such as hop oils and a malted barley massage" ... and "craft-beer pairings during breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Be still my heart. I am verklempt.

I wonder if they'll have a Norm Peterson suite? Or a Spenser booth in the bar?

If you want to check out the crowdfunding effort on IndieGoGo, click here. For the record, as of this writing they've raised almost $175,000, or 226 percent of the their original stated goal. They've got 23 days of fundraising left, and I plan to throw a little cash their way.

If plans proceed as expected, BrewDog hopes to have the hotel up and running by fall 2018. Which means I have plenty of time to start planning my trip to Columbus, where inevitably I'll be doing a "FaceTime" video.

It is ... and hopefully will be upon completion ... the very definition of an Eye-Opener.
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