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The Chicago Tribune reports that Chipotle has decided to shut down all of the 15 ShopHouse Asian format restaurants that it has been operating in places like California, Illinois and Washington, DC, effective March 17. The reason, the company says, is that the format did not meet sales expectations.

According to the story, Chipotle "has a deal in place to sell the ShopHouse leases to another company," but is not yet announcing specifics.

The Tribune notes that "Chipotle operates two other restaurant concepts — Pizzeria Locale and retro-style burger stand Tasty Made — which executives have said are less of a 'distraction' and have more potential."
KC's View:
Interesting they would use the word "distraction," since it always seemed to me that these new formats were created in part to distract attention away from the food safety issues that Chipotle was dealing with in its main chain.