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Bloomberg reports on how Tesco Chairman John Allan got himself in trouble last week when he spoke at a London conference about how non-executive directors serve on corporate boards. Allan reportedly said that white men were an “endangered species” on corporate boards and had to “work twice as hard.” He added that women with an ethnic background were “in an extremely propitious period.”

Afterwards, Allan said that he was kidding, and posted a statement on Tesco's website: “The point I was seeking to make was that successful boards must be active in bringing together a diverse and representative set of people ... There is still much more to be done but now is a good time for women to put themselves forward for non-executive director roles.”

The Bloomberg story notes that "investors and government officials are demanding greater diversity in company management, as women still tend to hold fewer senior positions and earn less money than their male counterparts ... 29 percent of directors appointed in the U.K. last year were female, the lowest level since 2012. Tesco’s board of directors has 11 members, nine of whom are white men."
KC's View:
Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Here's a good rule of thumb. The last people in the world who should complain, even jokingly, about any sort of discrimination are white guys.

The positive news, I think, is that the number of white guys who make this sort of joke and/or observation is shrinking. Most of us understand that white men have been a privileged class for most of the world's existence, and in fact have been the ones responsible for the subjugation of other people and classes over the centuries. There is a reason that the phrase is not "sins of the mothers."